Scar tissue release is an important component to the massage work I do.  On occasion, I get to utilize my skills on my own body.  My own self scar tissue release helped me have a pain free, full range of motion left knee after an ACL reconstruction and two meniscal tear repairs.  I also turned my dark, irritating, obstructive cesarean scar into a barely noticeable white line that has great mobility and zero discomfort.  This past Thanksgiving I once again gave myself an opportunity to work my magic after I sliced my thumb down to the bone while cutting potatoes!  Luckily I missed tendons, and I only inhibited nerves which left me with a completely numb half a thumb tip. Two weeks post injury I began light surface work to reduce swelling and scar tissue formation and by 4 weeks I began deep scar tissue release.  By six weeks I regained full feeling and the thick ridge of scar tissue is no longer palpable.

We all have scars and they all tell a story.  Whether yours is fresh or thirty years old, ask how we can improve your scar.