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Spinning Babies Parent Class

Have you ever thought about how the activities we do in our daily lives can affect our pregnancies and birth outcomes?  Whether you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, teach 5 yoga classes a day, ride horses professionally, or are a self-proclaimed couch potato, our lifestyles effect our bodies in a big way.  This is turn plays a huge roll in the room that is available to our babies in-utero and how easy or difficult it may be for them to navigate their way out.

In this 2.5 hour class, parents-to-be will learn how their baby plays an active role in the labor process and how they can make changes in their daily lives to help facilitate a smooth labor.  Spinning babies is a series of exercises and positions that encourage balance between the pelvis and soft tissues of the body to allow baby into its most ideal position.  Benefits range from shorter and smoother labors to decreased and alleviated pregnancy ailments such as back pain and heartburn.  The class includes learning:

-Spinning Babies techniques

-The Three Sisters of Balance

-Belly Mapping

-Daily Essentials

-Birthing Positions

Bring your birthing partner as additional hands are needed for specific exercises.  A rebozo, an essential piece of the exercises, is included with the class.  This class is ideal when the expectant parent is at least 20 weeks along.  Cost is $150 for group classes, $175 for private.  Doula clients of Lisa’s can register for any class, free of charge, just contact Lisa to sign up.  Please email our instructor, Lisa De Sousa, at compassbirth@gmail.com for questions or to schedule an in-home session.